Diamond Technology Building

Why the construction industry increasingly relies on modern diamond tools. The benefits of the diamond tools are obvious: while Jackhammer and-meissel produce dangerous clouds of dust and vibrations, diamond special units are dust, noise and vibration. And also fast, clean and highly precise. The construction industry as well as the professional craftsmen and the hobby handyman takes advantage of these strengths. Whether the construction of a subway or an airport or the rehabilitation of a highway bridge in the breakthrough of the living room wall, drill a vent hole for the sauna or in a stone sculpture - modeling diamond tools are despite higher cost on the rise. Last but not least, because they guarantee more security users in addition to its performance and longevity. ADAMAS, the invincible", the Greeks called the precious mineral. Around 2500 BC, the diamond in Egypt was used for drilling and cutting.

The decline of the old kingdoms were the ancient Processing methods into oblivion. More info: Charles Kushner Real Estate. 1751 published the French author Diderot the first appearance of a diamond cutting tool. The first diamond drill press water-powered was exhibited at the Paris Exposition of 1867. Dentists with diamond chips were occupied drill from 1880. In highway construction, the technical revolution with regard to lighter drill bits began in the 1930s. It soon became clear that the industry needed a more reliable source of raw materials, as nature has to offer you. in 1955, the breakthrough in the United States: the production of diamonds in the laboratory. By consistent development work today are customized"produced synthetic diamonds for all possible materials and applications.

The diamond technology has proven especially in the sawing and cutting of concrete as the main building material of our time. In addition she particularly suitable for the machining of steel concrete, hard metals, asphalt, granite, glass, stone and masonry. Manufacturer of diamond tools diamond core bits have in many Diameters and various useful lengths in the range. Items are listed in all systems. Special molds are made to measure for special applications. Professional craftsmen can facilitate the work with high-quality metal segments for sawing, milling and grinding on the floor, the table and the wall. And the diamond technology specialists offer something else in vain looking for the cheapest party tools customer: spare parts, if, for example, a blade or a battery for the drill must be replaced. The purchase of such high-quality equipment, the customer must naturally deeper access in the Pocket than at the discount store. But they get apart from the long service life and user-friendly handling something that is today no longer: expert advice and tips for selecting tools and personal service.