Video Server

The storage server by Amplicon offer 32 TB maximum storage capacity per server and can scale multi server solutions. We are still far removed from that of the complete security market of surveillance (CCTV = closed circuit television) is permeated by IP-based solutions. However, many medium - and large-scale projects benefit from the advantages of IP-based video surveillance. The dynamics behind the IP revolution and the significant reduction of hardware costs will ultimately cause that the entire security market is changing to the simplest security applications. One of the obstacles to a rapid market penetration by the IP-based technology is the lack of comprehensive knowledge of IT.

To deal with this situation, the Security Department was founded by Amplicon. The employees of this Department are trained specifically to affect any existing accessibility knowledge and to ensure the successful implementation of a hand. A modern IP video surveillance system consists of three Hardware components: High-reliability servers, also as NVR (network video recorder) network infrastructure, consisting of known network cables, switches, etc. IP cameras and any video server IP cameras / video servers nowadays a large number of different IP cameras and video servers on the market is available. We prefer no specific provider, but advise the model that is optimally tailored to your specific application. Our goal is to deliver the right IP-CCTV system for you. "" Video server used, existing analogue cameras to the features video digitisation "and data compression" to expand.

This option saves the cost of a complete camera Exchange, when upgrading to an IP based security system takes place. IP cameras instead of the combination of "analog camera + video server" usually used in new installations. With an IP camera, imaging, data digitization and data transfer over the network with a single device on the base are standard CAT5 network cable realized. Traditional systems often require video via coaxial cable, PTZ telemetry through twisted-pair and a separate power supply.