New Liver

Binge drinkers and partiers should really pay attention to this compulsive. The liver in your belly hates you. After a night of heavy drinking you ll get a feeling in down there, an aching, nagging feeling that something isn t right. Well that s your liver, letting you know in no uncertain terms that I have s unhappy with the way you re ruining his life. Sooner or later your liver is going to call it a day I ll go on strike and stop doing his job possibly permanently. So, when that happens where will you turn to? You certainly aren t going to buy a new one at Wal-Mart. In a few years maybe, but right now the only liver you ll find there belongs to a pig. Where else can you look? Realistically it all depends on how much risk you re willing to take and the price you re willing to pay.

Conventionally you ll have to see doctor, maybe you'll get lucky. It s unlikely though those avenues are long winded and very rarely successful. You ll probably have to try something else entirely, something morally questionable. The Black MarketThere s a part of the global trading empire known only as the Black Market, many people however don t know what it is and how it operates. In brief it s a ring of underground organ dealers whose speciality lies in finding you organs quickly. A liver on the black market will set you back thousands of dollars, maybe more depending on the demand in your locale. Black Market livers eaten even of a whole plethora of risks, I don t think they charge extra for these though. The RisksAs previously stated, Black Market livers come with substantial risks.

Firstly, it's not legal to buy human organs on the street; you could very well find yourself in trouble with the law. Plus, more worrisome is the enormous health risks involved. No one knows if the liver is compatible with your blood and body. Was it a healthy liver to start with? You could be buying faulty goods. These questions aren t answered on the Black Market. Roll the says. When binge drinking has finally killed your liver you ll need to be ready to pay a lot of money and says with incredible risks. Acquiring a new liver isn t an easy task you ll need lady luck on your side to get a new liver unscathed.