Piercy Companies

The defections of the customers can be reduced when guiding the community of the company in the adoption of new positions, in the intention of additions of the benefits. Word-key: customers, companies, equipment heavy. METHODOLOGY This work was carried through from qualitative, exploratria, theoretical research with changeable sustentations and objects of studies, having as have supported the authors of bibliographies (Kotler F 2000, Hoolev Saunders, Piercy, 2005, Loureno, 2010, Souza, 2010 and Campaign, 2010), are unanimous in affirming that ' ' the projection valorada in the customer, can change the total vision and perspectives of empresa' '. These affirmations validate the theory of each one, when completing with the thought of that ' ' it is not enough to dominate the techniques to attract new customers, the company must ret-los' '. According to Loureno (2010) and Souza (2010), they corroborate with the analysis of that ' ' the administration of relationships are directly on to the way to lead the personal and interpersonal differences of colaboradores' '. For Campaign: (2010), ' ' if it will not have a good planning of action does not exist success in good empreendimento' '.

All these theoreticians evidence the relation of ' ' good convivncia' ' between the collaborators, having as approach the insertion of the customers in the market-target in the companies of small has carried medium and the retention of the same ones. In this context, the companies are directly responsible for the actions and services, whose omissions intervene with the life of other people. Collating the main administrative characteristics mentioned by literature with the observed ones in the practical one, they had been evidenced ' ' points fracos' ' in the administrative deficiencies of the Bergmann, as: the lack of strategical planning for evaluation and services that the proponent company offers the customers, having this, to repass for the collaborators the effect of its works stops with the clientele.