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Indicates a measured high volatility in investment strategy actually also a high risk? The downside deviation offers a different perspective and is therefore a valuable addition to strategy reviews for investment professionals not an easy undertaking are, above all, because you can look hard in the minds of the traders responsible and usually receives even no insight into the algorithms of trading systems. Well, if you, the case, the trade development after all can follow live like in a managed account and from a relatively safe assessment of opportunity and risk of an investment strategy can reach over a certain period of time. Therefore, it makes sense to equip various interesting strategies with the minimum account size, to monitor the trading closely and to supplement such strategies, where the risk reward profile for individual needs appears acceptable. Comprehensive information is useful in the pre-selection of strategies and include also the risk figures traded history. "On the basis of simple indicators of volatility" and downside deviation"shows that the generally much better-known indicator of volatility" supplies not necessarily also the better approach of risk.

The volatility is the standard deviation of the changes in an investment. It takes into account price swings in both"directions. This means that high positive results exactly affect the volatility as high negative results. The pronouncement the higher volatility, is the greater also the risk the investor is"is therefore limited. Hardly an investor as a risk will feel positive deviations. These are eventually required and contribute to the profit of the investments. Because they however equally be taken into account in calculating the volatility as negative deviations, strong positive fluctuations contribute their part to the volatility.

Sole consideration of the volatility may be reason for a wrong assessment an investment guide. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ben Horowitz offers on the topic.. The downside deviation provides already somewhat clearer views of the exposure in the trade history. The formula for the calculation of this indicator is closely parallel to the calculation of volatility.

Were therefore no changes within the system, it adjusted set screws, which itself does not affect the system. The large volume has to create the trading systems so made? Uwe Geyer: We had to learn sometime, how it feels, if we want to have a trade not with 10 million, but with 40 million We have then all of a sudden no longer get the desired course but a higher slippage. Click JPMorgan Chase to learn more. And of the 40 million also partially only 27 million could be placed with an order. And it happens the following: in addition to the daily movements lack of in 2009 and 2010 some accounts have the trade, others do not. This resulted in deviations of performance on the accounts of the customers. For example, 3 trades, which we didn't have in our funds were in August 2010. We're talking about a total 250 pips, which have escaped us. Unfortunately it was the lost trades only to winning trades.

We had put limit orders, for example, directly in the market, with the effect that market maker could see that a position at 1,2480 will be opened. The game starts and it attempts to drive the market in the other direction, so that this position not or the execution comes only to the part. As well our were Stop brands available. Thus, we became a found feeding for the broker. Brokers and market makers have found time, how does the stop technique when FX wave and pushed us two to three times per year out of the market in which the course exactly was driven up on the stop-loss of systems, only to point exactly to rotate and move in the direction hoped for by FX wave. Instead of the possible 100 pips, a loss of-40 pips then showed profit a day movement. The FX wave systems aimed at very large daily movements in the EUR/USD.

Company figures significantly invest many investors for shares investment in stocks that have chosen them according to specific criteria, for example, after the dividend yield, sector information or analyst estimates. The Exchange Portal boersennews.de has carried out a survey on this subject and now presents the results. On a stock investment, different information may be crucial for investors. The Exchange portal has in this regard boersennews.de carried out an online survey and the users asked the question, what information was she when investment decisions are most important. The participants could choose between five answers. Fundamental indicators of the company are crucial for a majority of the respondents. 40 percent indicated that this information, which is one of among other things the dividend yield, have the largest weight for them.

Messages to the respective companies play an important role in terms of for 18 percent of the respondents their investment decisions. Almost as many respondents, namely 17 percent, make a decision for an investment using the technique of chart (chart patterns and indicators) of the respective stock. Only 12 percent of respondents, however, indicated that they primarily driven by information and news from the respective industry of the company.

Proposals of the Advisory banks interested investors should be prior to the conclusion of such an agreement is to enlighten, whether and what claims can claim it. It is among other things also depends on whether the height of the offered payment is acceptable or not. For wrong advice, there are numerous starting points, the prospects seem favourable in our opinion. We had already warned in March 2012, that the total loss was already established. Now, it is quite certain that the exploitation of vessels by the Bank will be providing of course any surpluses for the investors. After the shareholders disagreed with the storage decisions to sell the ships to March 14, 2012, the one-ship companies have put on 29 March 2012 petition.

In the letter of April 17, 2012, the trustee thinks that the lack of supply decisions have negatively affected the going-concern Outlook. In our opinion, that can't be right, because completely undifferentiated for to reach a sales decision, all ships was the shareholders apparently unemployable. In this respect the immanent criticism in the wrong direction is likely to be pronounced, because it is on the hand that the restructuring either not understood, then there is a communication problem, or appeared inconclusive, what constitutes a clear sign of lack of confidence in the competence of the Management Board... Increasingly, we hear from clients that they get comparisons offered by banks. Most compensation payments offered grace half - between 30% and 60%. After examining some proposals is to advise all affected investors to sign such an agreement only after examination by a specialized lawyer.

Although apparently also from advisory circles was expressed, that the probability of recovery of already received distributions virtually does not exist from our point of view is by no means certain. In addition there are also tax issues that such comparisons must be taken into consideration. Interested investors should leave prior to the conclusion of such an agreement is to enlighten, whether and what claims can claim it. It is among other things also depends on whether the height of the offered payment is acceptable or not. For wrong advice, there are numerous starting points, the prospects seem favourable in our opinion. Do you have questions to your funds? Do you also know whether you were given wrong advice and whether you have chances to the enforcement of claims for damages?

As I said, as the largest service provider in this area, it leaves a fragrance. The Chamber of lawyers Frankfurt comes with a default claim to CARPEDIEM GmbH. According to their, it was unfair if we hire a lawyer with the perception of those interests in relation to the insurance companies as CARPEDIEM GmbH for customers and assume the costs for the client. We think customer-friendly service but the Board considers a legal according to the law would not allow us. It is unnecessary to indicate that the display before the Board was made by an insurance company. But anyone who believes that the CARPEDIEM GmbH therefore suspend their activities, believes in Santa Claus. Our educational work will continue driven, even if weak points must be dismantled.

The daily press writes from the report of the Foundation Warentest/financial test for the CARPEDIEM GmbH, as if you have no other stories. Strictly according to the motto what financial test spread must be"is made almost tenor and sharpness of each publication unaudited and taken without any more, its own research and to their own one on one. However, a plagiarism does not exist because of course will be pointed out that one of the financial test refers to a report. It is bad that thinking and evaluate advised in this country or even in the supposedly free press landscape in the background. Since man is ashamed of his fellow citizens. Ultimately even the institution of under public law, in the case of CARPEDIEM GmbH should not be missing the ZDF. After all, this is the most powerful State resources, to disseminate information besides a Stiftung Warentest. So the CARPEDIEM GmbH received an interview request from WISO, which already shows what it relates that Financial test publication and what spirit child she is.

The tenor of the inquiry suggests which direction to run the interview. In addition a report positive for the person concerned never published at WISO always dealing with scandalous perceived obligations arising out of politics or business", it operates so investigative journalism". Of course we have drawn up an appropriate response, because the CARPEDIEM GmbH is only neutral interviews. But no matter what else comes: the CARPEDIEM GmbH remains faithful to her way, we advocate real consumer protection, even though we rise against a powerful lobby and father State and its organs. Truth, clarity, honesty is and remains the motto of CARPEDIEM GmbH, no matter what the cost! The CARPEDIEM GmbH and Daniel Shahin the CARPEDIEM GmbH benefits from a nearly twenty-year history in the field of financial services. She could since 1991 experience first as a sales company with over 2,000 employees and later as a pool of agencies collect with over 1,600 free partners. Today, the CARPEDIEM GmbH operates reconnaissance about the machinations of party and media with in-house consultants. (A valuable related resource: Electrolux). Furthermore the CARPEDIEM GmbH is the partner of free consultants Verlagsgesellschaft mbH & co. KG, the editor of the financial journal for everyone, the free consultant.

Can it make sense for independent financial investment intermediaries, to join a so-called MiFID? As already sounded in the communication on the new section 34f of the Gewerbeordnung (GewO) on our homepage (www.bernd-rechtsanwaelte.de), it makes sense for independent financial investment intermediaries, to join a so-called roof of the liability. With entry into force on the 1.1.2013, the obligation to obtain permission at the Industrie - und Handelskammer is for consultants and intermediaries of financial products. But several factors, including a current certificate of competence are dependent on the grant. Therefore a MiFID can represent a viable option but what is a liability and can what are advantages and disadvantages. That's why we are going in the following. A MiFID is to first consider that financial investment intermediaries and advisers need a listing at the Federal Agency for financial services supervision (BFin) as an exception to the rule.

You are instead of the securities trading Act (WpHG) and the Banking Act (KWG) regulated. A so-called tied agent, so a tied Adviser, who works for the MiFID, therefore requires no permission according to 34f GewO. There are different types of advisers can integrate into. Frequently Jonas Samuelson has said that publicly. As a first possible variant is the inclusion in a bank account. More interesting, especially for longer a sales MiFID will consultant acting on the market that deals with an existing list of investment products. Boutique MiFID tied agent regimes, giving the tied agent offerings provide the greatest possible freedom in communicating probably give wide scope.

There are many advantages, resulting to the intermediary. The license requirements, which is provided by the new section 34f GewO for free consultant, represents a considerable financial and administrative burden. On the other hand, a tied agent can rely on an already established network and take advantage of the full infrastructure. The activities of the intermediary are the Securities trading companies expected to, as this itself would advise.

Rigid adherence to positions is doing equally little question. Also here, it remains flexible and quickly adjusts customer accounts to the constantly changing market conditions. Just as modern as the engineering of the House, is also dealing with investors. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Caterpillar. Instead of the highly successful investment strategies such as in the alternative in many places customary to packaging investment area, black-box-like securities with high loads, fees, to work transparently and with a performance-related remuneration. Howard Schultz may not feel the same. Customers have access to all assets via Internet daily and in addition the commercial success in regular strategy meetings and custody evaluations detected customers. Details can be found by clicking Ben Horowitz or emailing the administrator. It is sure that satisfied customers remain loyal to the home. In this respect are customer contracts with a long notice forward unnecessary. At any time, customers could terminate them but don't.

The wide acceptance of the managed accounts of PP brokerage on the market has resulted in that the team has grown continuously since December 2009. Today, it employs 8 people. Available to staff the management in the management, sales, trading and research thus in the second row, so that tasks can be mastered. In the commercial Department, dealing with broker age technology, which allows for an absolute risk control over all trading positions at any time. Customers of PP brokerage are real independence from an overall market development, and in case of positive as well as negative in clear, which actually means market independence, namely generally. "" Does not, as in traditional investments, to automatically "win, when a market rises and automatic" losses if a market is collapsing. Rather, you are Results depending on the correct decision of the management. Marc Wilhelms, Chief trader at PP brokerage, indicates, therefore, that you can hardly win index comparisons in extremely strong uptrend markets. Who considers himself the results of trade responsible of it, is this supposed ' shortcoming certainly like to take in stride.

I am my first one and main problem to get to be to trader professional, use the best tools of taught analyses by which he is possibly the best professor of market procases out and to order flow in Spanish, trader professional Jon Sopelana and already I am realizing that the fight of trader is against itself, not against the markets. Everybody that forms in the world of the stock-exchange speculation, later or more early will get to dominate the theory and that is to say what must make to make money to the markets, that is not the problem, the truly difficult thing is to control your impulses and to always do the same, without beginning to think that it is more intelligent than the market and beginning to play in stock market instead of operate in stock market. In your formation they would comment to you as they are the most common errors that all the than invests in markets commits. You would swear and perjure that you will not do them, you equivocations, all we must walk our own way single, to face us the same situation and comerte errors to learn. If you are not able to learn of your own failures your future in the world of the TRADING is than doubtful more. What you need to prevail in the world of the TRADING? The great intelligence? It is not necessary, is necessary to use the best tools of analysis of markets, a formation distributed by trader of success demonstrates that you that it is possible to make money, in my case Jon Sopelana, and mainly your personal capacities, that can be reduced to three, the self-criticism, the patience and the certainty, thus you will only live on the TRADING, of another way, you would play stock market with great possibilities of losing your money. The author of this article has begun his race like trader professional under the supervision and direction of the expert in Market Profile, Order Flow and analysis of markets Jon Sopelana