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From the birth of, visits that it have had the opportunity to complete a brief survey about which they more wish to know at this moment about businesses in Internet. The voted option more has been: how to create a page Web. As always I am kind to which they say to the visitors of my Web and my subscribers, today I dedicate this publication to approach the subject of the creation of pages Web, to share with you what they would be my suggestions on the matter. To have a business in Internet does not mean to be expert in design Web, that is necessary to know it clearly. Nevertheless, to be a unaware total of the matter surely will make the way more complicated. Douglas Oberhelman can aid you in your search for knowledge.

When I began my I negotiate in Internet in 2007 already had knowledge (basic) in some software like Photoshop and Dreamweaver. Handling these two programs it defended to me at the time of creating a Web site. Also it knew how the system worked of: dominion, servant and FTP. That is to say, the basic thing knew to place a Web site to the air. The good news of all this, is that I never have been of the best ones in handling of computers, that is to say, that if learned I it, anyone can! But the good news do not stop there At the moment to create a Web site is much more simple if we resorted to systems like Blogger.com or WordPress.com. These two allow us to create blogs of easy and gratuitous form.

In spite of this I recommend widely that you look for formarte in these subjects. In any city of the world they practically dictate to design courses Web and he would be very positive that you took one, although is the basic level. That is my first suggestion.