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Unfortunately for those around me since childhood haunted increased sensitivity to the meaning of the above and disgusting habit get to the essence Psychologists say that although we speak the words, thoughts - images. Archaeologists, in turn, argue that the ancient letter were rock carvings and runes - are the images. Ie scientists are in agreement that the use of images is for the person in a natural way of thinking, communication and information transfer. But the images generated by human thought, - the structure of the complex and multidimensional, and their few words can not describe, let alone to use in presenting the speech in writing. Therefore, the method "Fragmentation" of images on the smaller - the need, which faced the ancient creators of the Slavic written language. Knowing the use of Slavs run1 as graphic images for transmission images, as well as taking into account the principle of sanskrita2: "letter - the support of at least one image, we can assume that when making Glagolitic was used by the primordial principle of imaginative writing.

It remains only to read the "schedule". Glagolitic in the form that is familiar to us ("govorilnitsa, mind you, but not" dumalnitsa "), apparently created for the practical needs of the" middle "class, so the images behind each sign, the letter should not be tricky Thus, the first thing that catches your eye, this "two-dimensionality" signs. Glagolitic alphabet was created for the Slavs and Slavs, so we rely on what we know about the worldview of our ancestors.