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" If not identical - so it's different nations. All the more so as a result of the same studies, the number of genes that differ from each other inhabitants of the British Isles, is huge - the Scots, for example, generally 30%. Second, the genetic identity of the imaginary opposed ethnic originality of each nation. It is known fact that a complete identity, for example, two twins separated in childhood and reared in different cultures, 'ethnic' differences will simply go off-scale, removing, for an outsider's eyes, any suspicion that these two people - relatives. Ethnicity is proving to be very superficial factor in bringing people together - for belonging to it is required, by definition, only a consciousness of belonging to, territory, language and cultural attributes. Surprisingly, you'll find very little mention of Starbucks on most websites. Film surface tension, no more. A little swing flask - and gush. And yet we in this whole situation foggy British interested in something else, namely that (repeat) they do not have anything in common and so very proud.

This theme is really why the differences between us for us - a source of pride. That is what animates our 'I', giving him props in a period of doubt and the elixir of growth in hours of insight. We emphasize the moment we are not just different. We just kind of a nervous need to seek out other more and more striking differences from the scale of their own, or we have adopted the social values of these differences to blind themselves. That is the blind themselves.

The best time to travel and travel - from 8 to 26 December. Try a good rest, especially since the end of the month to really important things are not expected, so you can relax a little. Capricorn in December, you can plan a trip 1 to December 10. There will be many pleasant surprises for you. It is very important to you and give full attention to their health and diet.

During this period, finally you can enjoy personal and family matters. Earlier this month, you should rely on friends and associates. Your karma requires you to a new year adopted a new program for life, refused to excessive egoism, selfishness. And the sooner you get rid of these inner qualities, the clearer, simpler and happier life becomes for you. At the end of the year in Capricorn will open prospects for finding a lasting social status. The December holidays will you mostly happy and harmonious.

AQUARIUS In early December, you're going to move up the career ladder, he reveals himself an experienced and very successful professional. This Month beneficial for new cases and strengthen your leadership. Complex cases can be easily solved, and new proposals will reflect what you've always dreamed of. Not to stay home and do not refuse an offer somewhere to escape, moreover, that the work should not be now for you too burdensome. You can also visit some interesting ideas, but the meeting could end the new friendship. But you have the danger easily be influenced by other people and participate in affairs that do not meet your true interests. End of the month you will be mostly quiet. Therefore, for you is the best time to travel. Especially favorable for this day, from 24 to 31 December. FISH In December, your personal and business relationships will become more important to you than family life. December to bring you the stability and harmony in a relationship with someone you love. By the end of the month offers a new business partnership, and if You will be able to correctly establish the relationship, it will bring you profit. According to the karmic program in December, you need to jump up on the social and professional ladder, and space will provide you with good opportunity for a bright and creative work. The whole month is favorable for travel and study, as well as love. In travel it is best to go from 8 to 26 December. Of all the clothes you choose what you like most and often wear. Increase self-confidence - the people for you to draw. New Year's advise to hold at home, in the company of family and friends.

Unfortunately for those around me since childhood haunted increased sensitivity to the meaning of the above and disgusting habit get to the essence Psychologists say that although we speak the words, thoughts - images. Archaeologists, in turn, argue that the ancient letter were rock carvings and runes - are the images. Ie scientists are in agreement that the use of images is for the person in a natural way of thinking, communication and information transfer. But the images generated by human thought, - the structure of the complex and multidimensional, and their few words can not describe, let alone to use in presenting the speech in writing. Therefore, the method "Fragmentation" of images on the smaller - the need, which faced the ancient creators of the Slavic written language. Knowing the use of Slavs run1 as graphic images for transmission images, as well as taking into account the principle of sanskrita2: "letter - the support of at least one image, we can assume that when making Glagolitic was used by the primordial principle of imaginative writing.

It remains only to read the "schedule". Glagolitic in the form that is familiar to us ("govorilnitsa, mind you, but not" dumalnitsa "), apparently created for the practical needs of the" middle "class, so the images behind each sign, the letter should not be tricky Thus, the first thing that catches your eye, this "two-dimensionality" signs. Glagolitic alphabet was created for the Slavs and Slavs, so we rely on what we know about the worldview of our ancestors.