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As we have said on this blog on other occasions, the accounting programs is the past, while the Treasury is the financial future of the company, where the proper management of the Treasury would help predict it and act accordingly. To this day, most SMEs have computerised accounting and billing software but there are other areas within the finance function that can bring great benefits and more today in the times that run. So because such companies have failed to see the advantages that implies the mechanization of this area? To support the effective popularization of tools of management, and in particular solutions of Treasury, in the field of SMEs, we need to overturn several myths or beliefs wrong in this collective enterprise. One of them is the belief that small and medium-sized enterprises do not need advanced tools to its financial management, due to its small size and turnover. The complexity of the management financial, however, it depends not only on the total volume of billing, but the number of transactions or invoices issued, of the complexity of contracted financial products or the operational general with benches and a long etcetera. There are small businesses in which a good Treasurer management could contribute a very important value, being each case subject to a particular assessment in this regard. Another problem detected in the field of SMEs, because more than anything else to the carelessness, is that many of these companies do not arise the need for adequate and management automated their money until they are not forced to do so or do not have financial problems.

And it is the good management of the Treasury is not beneficial for companies with problems and looking for funding only. For example, when a company goes well at the level of turnover also is may incur an overdraft by lack of foresight, which would lead to the consequent penalty in commissions. In the event that in the case of very important discovery, this lack of foresight could even affect the operational industrial. The real objective of good governance Treasurer, in this way, both large companies and SMEs is to ensure the balance of financial resources. We need that nor us above, nor we lack, avoiding penalties or paying unnecessary fees in case of overdrafts or loans, and guarantees on the other hand we don't have idle money.