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Are you looking for a new job? Actively fill out questionnaires on business and job-sites? Intensively are sending your resume to all that (and worst) job? Are you sure that your resume is anybody ever read? Be realistic. We are in fact almost 50 million, of which several million are in the passive or active job search, more and more using the Internet. For most recruiters, resume paper no longer exist, only electronic. The situation is now such. Corporate email and databases of agencies scored packs resume. Imagine such companies as Microsoft, Intel and Hewlett Packard are more than 50,000 resumes per month only through their corporate Web sites.

It can be assumed that the major Ukrainian companies and staffing agencies, the situation is similar. If you are applying for a job in a large well-known company, your odds are inversely proportional to the number of applicants. What is easy and simple - not always effective at first glance, sending resumes by e-mail or placing on the corporate site is easy and convenient. It is easy to find a job, it is easy to send. Cost per the cost of the Internet, are scanty. Process as streamlined and saves time applicants.

You can send a resume countless times, thus increasing the likelihood of supposedly draw attention to themselves. Advanced firms practice of automatic confirmation of receipt resume with gratitude. The problems begin after the resume is sent. How to track if they received it? If received, by whom and to appoint you? Candidate, we will just waiting for a letter or a call with an invitation for an interview.